Dogshow Electronics (about me)

Hey y’all. My name is Rob Buelteman, but I go by Dr. Dogshow. I’ve been making hiphop and electronic beats since I was 16. I was a DJ with a radio show in college. I’m not a formally educated engineer, but I’ve been working with audio hardware for about 10 years and I’ve been doing repair, circuit bending, modifications, design, testing, and QA for audio products in various capacities since 2012. I have a day job working at a manufacturing and development facility that produces high power “quick charge” Electric Vehicle chargers for the American and international market. Although my day job in Silicon Valley is not audio related, it has given me insight into power supply design and engineering on a daily basis. I do everything from prototyping to assembly to testing and I also work with software to a limited extent. I love electronics- they’ve given me a reason to be alive, and a healthy dose of humility and joy in the process. I also fail constantly. For your amusement, the following photograph was taken during my repair and testing of an Audio Technica AT1220 Mixing console, which now lives in my apartment. I also run a small time one man show doing repairs and design called Dogshow Electronics out of my apartment as well.

This blog will attempt to chronicle my many many projects in progress, my failures, my successes, information I can provide on assembly techniques and considerations, thoughts on design, and my breakdowns. In addition to an engineer, I am a carnivorous plant collector, a former cannabis grower, a B movie enthusiast, former caregiver, and also currently providing care for my Bipolar girlfriend (diagnosed, not a “turn of phrase”) and also caring for my parents on and off since they became ill with Lyme Disease. There will likely be other subjects on the blog other than electronics, but I’d like to stay focused mainly on engineering related topics.

I love to restore antique test equipment. I love vacuum tubes. I love synthesis and synthesizers- they’re what inspired me to make electronics my calling. I have an extensive (for an 800 sq. Foot apartment) collection of synthesizer hardware. On to the posting of stuff!


“Nothing is too wonderful to be true, if it be consistent with the laws of nature”
-Michael Faraday